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BAM Properties is a family-owned business based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to provide affordable, clean, inspired residential, office, and commercial spaces to our tenants by always striving toward:


we use eco-friendly appliances and materials in all of our properties, to achieve energy savings and reduce our environmental impact.  We utilize native plants in all of our landscaping and do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on grass or landscaping.


our goal is 100% tenant satisfaction.  We are proactive with building maintenance and strive to address tenant issues promptly and courteously. We hope to retain tenants as long as possible and earn referrals to friends and family, providing a happy, comfortable place to live and work.



we strive to keep all of our properties clean, safe, and secure, including common areas, door locks, lighting, fire prevention, and other measures.


we realize that rent consumes a large portion of most household and work budgets.   We work to provide economical options for our customers, keeping rent increases at a minimum while maintaining high standards of quality.



we are proud to serve and be a part of our local  community, and hope that our tenants will feel welcome and happy living here.

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